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Best New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys For Injuries or Wrongful Death

What skills should you look for to find the best New Mexico truck accident attorneys to handle  your family's injury or wrongful death from a truck accident? 

To answer this question you must first understand how accidents caused by a semi truck, tractor trailer or 18 wheeler are so different than more traditional car accidents.  Special skills are required to represent victims of trucking accident injuries and wrongful death.

Here are questions you should ask the attorney before you hire the attorney for your New Mexico truck accident attorney:

1.  Have you taken a truck accident case to trial or do you settle all of your truck accident cases? 

FACT:   is that trucking companies pay more money to you when the truck accident attorney has taken a truck accident case to a jury trial.  They know the attorney is skilled in litigating the case, and the trucking company doesn't want to face the attorney at a jury trial.

FACT:  There have only been a few trucking cases actually litigated to a jury over the past two years.  So the number of New Mexico truck accident attorneys is really limited.

FACT:  The two largest jury verdicts in New Mexico over the last two years have been against FedEx Ground--one from a jury in Santa Fe and another from a jury in Federal Court in Albuquerque.  The Santa Fe jury awarded $165 million to a family that suffered 2 deaths and 1 severe injury.  The Federal Court in Albuquerque awarded $5.5 million to a family that lost their father in the trucking accident.

FACT:  Caruso Law Offices and its senior trial attorney Mark Caruso were attorneys in both of these cases. 

2.  Does the New Mexico truck accident attorney have the experts to intimidate the trucking company to pay the most money possible? 

FACT:  The litigation of truck accident cases in New Mexico requires the use of the best national experts available. The experts include those specializing in trucking litigation accident reconstruction and those specializing  in trucking litigation safety. These experts agree to work with only a limited number of attorneys nationwide.

FACT: It is imperative that the truck accident attorneys have these experts retained immediately to represent their clients. For instance, the expert accident reconstructionist needs to immediately investigate the scene of the crash before there are changes to the scene and inspect the semi truck immediately.

FACT:  Caruso Law Offices has retained the best trucking accident experts in the country.  These experts have been used by Caruso Law Offices at trial and have successfully presented our client's claims to the jury.  The experts' testimony has resulted in millions and millions of dollars of jury verdicts to our clients.

3.  Does the New Mexico truck accident attorney know and understand how to use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to help win your case?

FACT:  Truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  These safety regulations are complicated for attorneys who don't regularly deal with the regulations.

FACT:  Truck accident attorneys are not truck drivers!  Most attorneys have not even traveled in a semi truck or 18 wheeler. A good truck accident attorney needs to speak the language of the truck driver and the trucking company. A thorough knowledge of the FMCSR, state trucking laws and the trucking industry are required to be a good truck accident attorney.

FACT:  Caruso Law Offices knows the ins and outs of the trucking industry and the FMCSR and other rules that regulate the trucking industry. It has participated in dozens of depositions and trial testimony of trucking company executives, safety managers, terminal directors, truck drivers and the trucking company experts.  

CONCLUSION:  Mark Caruso and Caruso Law Offices are one of the best trucking accident attorneys in New Mexico.  They have all the skills required to litigate your case before a jury, retain the best experts in the country.

That's why other attorneys in New Mexico and attorneys throughout the country refer their truck accident cases to the Caruso Law Offices. They know that the clients that they refer to Mark Caruso will get the highest settlement offer possible and that the firm is prepared to take the case to a jury trial.

Caruso Law Offices will be litigating a wrongful death case against 3 trucking companies before a Santa Fe Jury in June. For more information about this case call Mark Caruso at 505-883-5000 or send him a personal email at

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