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Truck Driver Safety Enforcement on NM Highways--The NM Transportation Police

By Mark Caruso,

New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys  (505) 369-1361  


While traveling New Mexico highways you have probably seen vehicles identified with the markings New Mexico Motor Transportation Police. You might have seen the officer inspecting a tractor-trailer or 18 wheeler or questioning a tractor trailer driver about his load. New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys wants to acknowledge the work of the NM Motor Transportation Police.

Injuries to New Mexicans by commercial vehicles is all too common on New Mexico highways.  Deaths occur almost monthly on Interstate 40, Interstate 10 and Interstate 25--the primary interstates traversing our state.  But dozens of other commercial vehicle collisions occur on state roads and streets in our own communities. Clearly, safe operations of semi trucks by their drivers would reduce these injuries and wrongful death.

The NM Motor Transportatin Police are tasked with monitoring these commercial vehicles on our New Mexico highways.  Their job is to keep motorists safe from bad semi truck drivers and dangerous tractor trailers.  The officers of the Motor Transportation Police are the motorists friends on New Mexico highways!

  • The Mission Statement of the New Mexico Motor Transportation Police is to promote safety on New Mexico highways by providing law enforcement traffic services to the motoring public, to ensure the safe and legal operation of commercial motor vehicles and to prevent the introduction of illicit contraband into New Mexico while facilitating trade."
  • The New Mexico Motor Transportation Police (MTP) is a division of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety. With complete statewide law enforcement jurisdiction, MTP enforces both federal commercial vehicle safety regulations as well as state commercial vehicle regulations and criminal codes.

    The  purpose of the Motor Transportation Police is to:

  • Serve as the first line of defense against threats to homeland security from individuals using commercial motor vehicles, tractor trailers, semi trucks and 18 wheelers for terrorist activities
  • Strengthen our border security by managing risks and interdicting threats before they enter our state to include the detection of unauthorized attempts to transport nuclear or radiological materials by commercial vehicles into New Mexico
  • Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act through drug enforcement efforts through coordination and cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies
  • Minimize personal injury, loss of life and property damage resulting from traffic collisions by commercial vehicles through enforcement and education
  • Protect motorists by performing  a wide range of commercial vehicle regulatory and enforcement activities  by enforcing the State Criminal Code, Motor Transportation Act, Federal Motor Carrier Act, Motor Vehicle Code and numerous laws from the Code of Federal Regulations,
  • Function as the lead agency for commercial motor carrier safety and size and weight enforcement in New Mexico of all tractor trailers, semi trucks and 18 wheelers
  • Conduct radiological inspections on all Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) shipments originating or entering the state by commercial vehicle
  • Operate 14  ports of entry located throughout the state
  • NMMotorCarrierPolice1.jpg
  • New Mexico Truck Accident Attorneys and its lead attorney and founder Mark Caruso thank the New Mexico Motor Transportation Police for their work to protect NM motorists from bad truck drivers and dangerous tractor trailers. Should you be involved in a collision involving a commercial trucker please see our website at or contact us at 505-369-1361
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